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This website is all about Spatini Seasoning. While the package of Spatini has recipes for making Italian Style Spaghetti Sauces we know Spatini is used in many, many more recipes.

We’re looking for recipes using Spatini and build a collection of all of the uses of Spatini. We will make every recipe submitted, take pictures of the prepared dish, and write about them here on

Share your Spatini Recipes Here
Share your Spatini Recipes Here

Please share your favorite uses of Spatini in the comments at the bottom of this page.

We will be happy to credit you as the source of the recipe. Just tell us how you want the ‘By Line’. Samples ‘By Lines’ are below:

Submitted By J. Doe, Miami, FL
Submitted By Jane Doe, New York, NY
Submitted By J.D., LA, California
Submitted By Anonymous

Thanks in advance for sharing your recipes.

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